Group sessions

We provide a variety of dog training sessions to suit a group of friends or by admission to existing groups. These sessions can also be a progression from the one-to-one sessions.

They have proved to be very popular because they enhance the handlers’ training. At the core of the session is watching and learning from others, helping to build more confidence with your dog. As a result, all training is about building a happy and productive relationship with your dog.

We encourage the group to share their progress outside of the training session. Whether at home or a day in the field, the sense of achievement when your dog performs well is brilliant.

Group dog training


This is a personalised lesson focussing on all the humans in the dogs life. We teach how to train the dog for general obedience, more advanced handling for trialling competitions, or for working in the shooting field.

Dogs thrive on human contact and love to learn. As a result, James will help you get the best out of your dog and to achieve your full potential. Our aim is to enable you to read your dog and talk in a language that your dog understands, all to have fun at the same time.

We provide bespoke lessons to suit you and your dog’s requirements.

Gundog training

Our Gundog training sessions are a Sunday staple, created for dogs focused on the shooting field. Alternatively, dogs that need more mental challenges in their day to day life thrive in this session. The training follows James’ personal monthly tick list of what he teaches his own dogs. To begin with we focus on retrieving and steadiness before exploring hunting, jumping, handling of game and lots more.

We always suggest that new handlers come for a one-to-one lesson first or watch a couple of classes so that they can gauge the level that is correct for their dog.

Cold game training

The Bawden Flight cold game training day is designed to introduce your dog to game in the right environment. We look at how to behave around game without the excitement of shoot day, as well as skills to handle game without the risk of a bird flapping in your dogs face

This will be great for first time gundogs but also experienced gundogs that just need a freshen up.

James training a spaniel in tough terrain James training a spaniel in tough terrain

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