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Sheep in pen.

Livestock Worrying Day

Saturday 23rd March 2019 – £15

This one-off course is designed to educate dog owners & people that like to walk the countryside about livestock wellbeing. This is to help you understand a dogs mindset and see how any dog is capable of worrying livestock but to also show you how to better prepare for such an incident.

Beneficial to everyone dog owner or not.

Please note: No dogs allowed on this course.

Important: This will be held on a working farm with sheep and maybe lambs being born. Because of this no pregnant women can join this course.

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James with a labrador leading a group training session.

The Bawden Flight Method Part 2

Sunday 24th March 2019 – £30

A follow on from The Bawden Flight Method Part 1 where we look for a more advanced level of obedience to create a perfectly content pet.

In order to achieve the best results possible in training both handler and dog have to be comfortable and enjoy these training techniques. “The Method” is based on using your dogs’ natural instincts and abilities.

Topics covered: off-lead control, level 2 distractions, level 2 recall, stop command, level 2 play retrieve and hunting.

Please note: This course is for handlers only, no dogs will attend. This does mean spaces are to be booked per person. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact us directly.

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