Bawden Flight Gun & Pet Dogs, 
based in the West Country, is owned and run by James Bawden, with the aim of delivering expert knowledge and first-class training for everyone.

James Bawden portrait
James Bawden interacting with Vinnie, the labrador stud

Bawden Flight Gun & Pet Dogs is a training establishment that focuses on building the perfect bond between human and dog through enjoyable training. The methods that are used range widely but are very bespoke to Bawden Flight and we are proud to be able to tailor the training to suit all parties, with the dog’s clear understanding as first priority. We believe it is important that owners understand why their dogs do certain things which then helps with the human learning too.

James  has 10+ years experience in teaching humans to understand their dog no matter what breed or what problem. Although James’ own dogs are working gundogs, most of the dogs we work with are not and never will be gundogs so there is no problem too big or small.

For Enquiries:
+44(0)7769 821 082