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One-to-one dog training expert James Bawden with Labrador Stud dog, Vinnie

We offer one-to-one dog training that’s personalised to you, with a focus on building the perfect bond between human & dog. We’re experts on obedience & behaviour, puppy essentials & gun dog training.

One-to-one dog training sessions One-to-one dog training expert James Bawden with Labrador Stud dog, Vinnie

Expert training

We offer first-class dog training that is flexible and personalised to you. We’re proud that the wide range of methods we use are very bespoke to Bawden Flight. Most importantly, put the dog’s clear understanding as a first priority. We believe in the importance of owners understanding why their dogs do certain things. As a result, this helps with the human learning too.

Offering a wide range of services for canines from working dogs to pampered pets, Bawden Flight specialises in one-to-one dog training sessions to cover any issue you could have with your dog as well as structured group sessions or cold game training days.

Our Dogs

Bawden Flight is a respected breeding centre producing top quality, sound & healthy gun dogs for both the shooting/trailing community & dedicated pet lovers. Each breed of dog that we own offers something different and individual to the breed and we are true believers in purchasing the correct breed for what you want out of it rather that going against the grain of what is natural for the particular breed. That said all breeds for us need to have a loving, gentle, want to please nature as this makes for the perfect pet and if worked in the right way (mentally and physically) you will have a happy dog and in turn you will be a happy family. We do not breed any dogs that do not tick all of these boxes, the idea of selective breeding is to better the breed rather than breeding in negative traits.

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